Some of the horrors we see daily

by admin on December 5, 2011

Join us please in praying that the Lord would release healing over this nation, over the people, over HIV. The people in this video are our friends, specifically the blonde woman about halfway through. We have worked with her to setup a safe house for women that just opened up. The shots of the township in the video are of Masiphumelele.

I walked the streets just a week ago and wept as I saw a young woman watching her 18 month old daughter playing in a courtyard. The girl was the same age as my daughter Adi. As she watched her daughter playing and talking the mother smiled then leaned against the house and closed her eyes. She was in such pain, she was nearing death, AIDS was in full swing and my guess was she would not live to see Christmas. My heart broke. The Lord can heal AIDS, when Christ was on earth he healed EVERY disease, yet my faith is not strong enough to walk up to this woman and command healing over her.

AIDS is a pandemic here, this video shows ONE of the major reasons why. There are other reasons that I will talk about later but they are just so offensive to my heart that it’s hard for me to talk about.

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