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We were working with Youth With A Mission in their communications department. Due to the fact that YWAM is 100% volunteer, when the internet kicked into full gear all of the 240 or so YWAM bases just kind of created their own site. Since YWAMers are normally on a DTS for about 6 months, one may have created a website and left after their DTS was over. But once an edit was needed the only person who knew how to use it is long gone. This means that a huge majority of websites have massively outdated information on them with no real way of updating them.

This is not good when the soon coming wave of 200,000 youth that will devote themselves to the mission field arises and can’t even find out how to go!

The Lord has prepared our family for such a time as this!

We worked with the communications department for several months setting up training systems that are still in place. We then felt a clear call, which we confirmed with wise people that we trust, and moved our entire family to work in a township on the southern peninsula south of Cape Town, South Africa. We have been here since May of 2011. Financially, we still need help. Josh works similarly to the apostle Paul “tent-making” but we run up short monthly. It’s been amazing to watch the Lord provide and take care of us through our friends, family and often complete strangers. We are thrilled you are reading this and ask that you would take a moment to find out if the Lord is leading you to partner with us. You can read more about how to give on our support page where you can partner with us with a one-time gift or commit to a monthly amount that. You can use your check card or credit card securely or contact josh@ainsworthstudio.com for details on how to send a check.

We would love to hear more from you and will be praying for our friends and support team regularly, please contact us with any prayer needs you have so that we can support you best. We love you and thank you!

Many Blessings, the Reads

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